To: New York Times – December 28, 2021

To: New York Times – December 28, 2021

The recent article by Nick Romeo published in the New York Times strikes an essential cord in our song for equality in living standards and education.

Why is it that a country such as the U. S. is stuck in the last century in terms of economic equality and educational opportunities? Well, we know the answer to that question. It is our taxation policies.

We must get past the control of our government by the wealthy individuals and corporations who finance political campaigns. They should finance education and healthcare for everyone and relieve the wage-earner class, which includes most of us, the burden thereof and free individual incomes to provide better standards of living for families. All of these proposals would strengthen our economy and feed on itself for a more equitable distribution on income and wealth.

Education and healthcare should be free essential services provided by a government which taxes the people according to their ability to pay. Corporate income should have limits after which all additional income received is taxed at one hundred percent for the benefit of everyone in society. We are far from equality of education and healthcare. Taxation policy is controlled by those who make the rules and regulations we live by, the rich and powerful. They assure favorable taxation policies for their advantage as they pile up massive fortunes which they will never be able to spend in their lifetimes and are then left to their survivors to continue the process.

Wealth should be taxed before death periodically at a reasonable rate and after death at one hundred percent and returned to the general welfare of all the people. We all contribute to providing the goods and services which support all the people, especially the wealthy, and all should share in the income derived.

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