Our Trigger-Happy Child President

Our Trigger-Happy Child President

 Ted Folkert – January 8, 2018

It seems that our child president and the child leader of North Korea may be cut out of the same cloth. Now they are comparing the sizes of their nuclear buttons, like kids on the playground declaring “my daddy can whip your daddy.”

David Rothkopf addressed the situation (January 3rd – Los Angeles Times) in a more meaningful and perceptive manner than many of us consider as Trump triggers our ire daily with his abusive twitter rants.

 Quotes from:Trump keeps making bad American foreign policy worse”  – By David Rothkopf –  senior fellow at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns    Hopkins University and visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“Although Trump is in a class by himself when it comes to incompetence, greed, mendacity, absence of values and unfitness for office, America’s “abdication” of its world leadership role has been a long time coming. We have gone from overreach to inertia to incompetence, and damaged our standing at every step along the way.”

“In part, this is because Americans seem to think we can elect presidents — five out of the last six — with very little foreign policy experience. We act as though U.S. world leadership is a God-given right rather than something that must be earned again and again. Most Americans mistakenly think the rest of the world matters little to them. Unlike the Greatest Generation, who through World War II and the Cold War came to see informed foreign policy leadership and the international system as essential to peace and our way of life, the baby boomers who took over a quarter-century ago have been complacent, distracted and then ineffectual.”

“Trump is without a doubt the worst foreign policy president in American history. But our international problems are not, contrary to what some might think, all about him. They are about us. The only hope for fixing things requires a national awakening; only then can we expect one in the White House.”

Which is a message to us baby boomers and our offspring to get more involved in who we elect to entrust with our peace and prosperity. After all, the guy we entrusted it to was elected due to our complacency in correcting campaign finance, the electoral process and the lack of public control of the press in this country, which perhaps resulted in the dilemma of choosing between two candidates that we found unsatisfactory for the challenge. Now we face a tenuous situation on a daily basis with no voice in the outcome. (My words, not David Rothkopf’s)


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  1. Sad, but it will probably stay the same until people, feel the pain of our choices, which probably won’t be that far off. I’m feeling it now.

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