The Common Good Blog is meant to encourage a healthy discussion about the important decisions we face every day – not only decisions that will substantially affect our lives today or tomorrow but those that will substantially affect the lives of our younger generations and future generations – those to whom we have a responsibility to support a sustainable economy and protect a livable environment.

Democratic societies only seem to work well when everyone is considered an important member of society. How else could you have a sustainable democracy? The essence of democracy is “common good.” If common good is not the essence of a government then it should have another name, a name such as: oligarchy, serfdom, monarchy, tyranny, despotism, or fiefdom. A democracy must operate by majority rule, one person – one vote.

We have been struggling with that requirement ever since 1787 and we aren’t there yet. To some of us it seems that we are moving in the opposite direction from democracy, more toward an aristocracy or an oligarchy, neither of which has proven productive or sustainable for any appreciable length of time.

Some believe that the only voices that can be heard are the voices of those who have the financial wherewithal to influence the direction of government by financing the elections of those chosen to lead us.

This blog is meant to provide a venue for an expression of opinions that can’t seem to make the front page of the corporate newspapers or the prime time of the corporate owned broadcast media or the ears of our chosen leaders.

Let your voice be heard. There is no time like the present and some of us think that time is of the essence.

Please help us to elect better leaders.

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We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both. Louis Brandeis