Pat Philpott Hininger

Pat Philpott Hininger

I knew her originally as Pat Carter, her former married name, then as Pat Hininger after her marriage to Phil Hininger, then as Pat Philpott Hininger after she and Phil parted. No matter which name she answered to you knew you had a friend if she chose you as a friend.

She was one of the smartest people I have known and totally dedicated to the causes which she believed in and the people she believed in. I knew her as a friend and political associate for more than forty years and then intimately for the last ten years as a sole soulmate.

She struggled with her debilitating lung disease for many years, I believe diagnosed as chronic emphysema and pulmonary disorder, never complaining, never shirking from her beliefs and causes, never shying away from her family and friends no matter how she felt health-wise. She exemplified an unwavering courage of her convictions.

She bore no children but adored and was adored by her nieces and nephews. Aunt Pat was the go to source of perfection in writing essays and reports for her younger family members.

She was my number one source of information, either social or political, and my number one source of companionship.

I loved her dearly and will always miss her ready smile and soulful personality and dedication.



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