“Keep your hands off my gun!”

“Keep your hands off my gun!”

Ted Follkert – December 16, 2021

A friend of mine told me he has two loaded guns in his home and can’t remember where they are. So, obviously they are useless for his self-defense – but they are of much use by someone who burglarizes his home and steals the guns. Once they are in the hands of this crime-minded individual they become weapons for the commitment of worse crimes than burglary, such crimes such as robbery or murder. and often do just that. In this case there are no underage children in the home but if there were, and probably were previously, they could have been easily utilized for crimes by wayward youths who do not think through the penalties which shall fall upon them for the use of such weapons, but merely consider the short term urge of carrying out revenge or self-protection which is necessitated by their lifestyles.

The subject of restricting firearm ownership brings out the usual uprising of the gun enthusiasts who think they are tough with a weapon in their possession. Fortunately, the situation whereby one would need a firearm for protection is so infinitesimal that is not worthy of mention. However, this fact is played down by the firearm industry with pathetic oaths such as: “the answer of a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” So, is that supposed to mean that we should just fight it out in the streets? If so, then we don’t need law enforcement any longer. Look at the trillions of dollars that will save society. And look at how that would contribute to population control. Of course, the trick is getting the guns used to only kill the bad guys. And, of course the question is figuring out who the bad guys are. The gun enthusiasts would have us leave that decision to anyone with a gun in his or her hand.

Should we have a committee of those chosen to determine who the bad guys are? Should that determination be made by written and legislated rules and regulations of human activity? Should those rules and regulations be enforced? Of course they should. And are these rules and regulations and enforcement provisions available in every city, county, state, and the nation. Of course they are. That is why we have law enforcement personnel in every city, county, state and the nation. We should let them do their job, a job that is extremely difficult, and not attempt to assume the right to do it illegally or carelessly, or in a moment of rage, by any individual.

We need stronger and stricter gun laws. We need to step on the toes of the gun manufacturers and gun owners by legislating and enforcing restrictions on gun ownership and control. We should poll the populous, particularly those with children in the home, about their feelings about this critical subject, and take the steps to placate this daily source of bad news around the country.

Unfortunately, rants such as this don’t sell newspapers and attract news viewers. Gun violence and senseless murders sell newspapers and attract news viewers. And, so it goes!

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