Leonard Cohen’s Trumpisms

Leonard Cohen’s Trumpisms

Ted Folkert – December 5, 2018

Listening to some of the famous hits of the inimitable, late, great, Leonard Cohen, is a habit that is hard to break for some of us true fans of his soulful lyrics and musical poetry, as he offers them to us with his “golden voice.” Listening to them now really rings some bells as they tend to remind us of tyrannical tendencies of our mindless leader, Donald John Trump.

And, for some of us who are increasingly annoyed by our president, who was elected by the Electoral College but lost the popular vote despite the helping hand he enjoyed from one of our most troubling adversaries, Russia, we can relate lingering messages in some of Cohen’s poetry. Cohen probably wasn’t talking about Trump in his songs, but he sure could have been.

Trump started out, and of course still is, focused on Cohen’s words: “Give me control of every living soul.” This is obvious in nearly all his actions and specifically in his comment after the snake from North Korea, Kim Jong Un, made a pitiful fool out of him by convincing him that he was going to cooperate in banning nuclear weapons. And, when he visited dictator Un, he was enthralled by the reverence displayed by the North Korean people for this murderous dictator and remarked that when Un spoke everyone sat up and listened, stating that is what he wanted from the American people. In other words, he wants to be a dictator and thinks he is a dictator.

Trump sidles up and admires murderous dictators, such as Kim Jong Un of North Kores, Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Mohamad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Not necessarily because he wants to be a murderous dictator, but because, in the case of bin Salmon and Putin, he either has or desires financial involvement in the form of massive loans for his business enterprises. That’s it, pure and simple. The evidence is hidden everywhere in plain sight.

To this thirst for power Cohen sings: ”Democracy Is coming to the USA.” However, democracy is experiencing a drastic setback at the present time.

And now after the miserable failure of his ridiculous ploy about the massive invasion coming at our southern border and his wasteful expenditure of many millions of dollars by sending thousands of troops there, a ploy attempting to put all the voters in a defense-of-our-country mindset, throwing red meat to his pit bull base, he is reported to be sullen and despondent. What a shame. I guess he has never listened to Cohen’s lyrics: “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Light is something crooks always like to avoid, before, during, and after their crimes.

And now that the Democrats have solid control in the House of Representatives, wherein lies the finance and Intelligence committees, he may become extremely dismayed when his tax returns and other secrets we wonder about show some “cracks” and let some “light get in.”

Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Russian invasion onto our electoral process is spreading its tentacles like an octopus and has Trump squirming like a fish on the line. He poo-poos the investigation as a “witch hunt” as his staff and former staff fall like dominos almost daily. The list of charges, convictions, pleas and confessions seems unprecedented and is rapidly painting Trump’s administration into a picture of widespread corruption which may culminate in dozens of criminal charges before it is all said and done. It is hard to remember a time when so many witches were caught in such a short time.

Too bad Leonard Cohen laid down his pen, may he rest in peace. He would have enjoyed great material for many new songs as the Trump presidency evolves – like a song writer’s dream come true, a gift that just keeps on giving.

And for the viewing audience, it is getting better all the time. We just can’t wait for “Closing Time,” of this criminal enterprise, another great Cohen song which he could likely rewrite with this avalanche of new material being provided by our Idiot-in-chief.

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