In Defense of the Great One

In Defense of the Great One
Narcissism, Trumpism, Brilliance, Benevolence, and Greatness –all Synonymous!

Ted Folkert – June 30, 2018

When will we ungrateful slobs acknowledge brilliance and benevolence – especially when it is so obvious?

Why should we be surprised with Trump’s we-we-we attitude about the U.S. trade policies, (although some of us losers believe it exemplifies his idiocy and complete lack of any understanding of how our economy or the world economy works)?

And we accuse him of making rash decisions about tariff policies, among many other policies, which he believes fortifies our dominance in the world economy but which actually backfires and does just the opposite to U.S. companies and ultimately to each of us as we participate each and every day of our lives in our somewhat tenuous economy.

His actions are merely an expansion and expression of his innate narcissism, his me-me-me attitude, which we greatly admire, and which is so apparent that there are suggestions to change the term from Narcissism, which was named after Narcissus, who fell in love with his image reflecting from the water, to Trumpism, which actually gives a perfect modern day example of and whole new meaning to Narcissism.

Trump believes, and perhaps rightly so, not only that is he the greatest person ever created, but that his greatness should expand to the U.S. since our greatness can be attributed in large part to his enormous success as a leading pinnacle of the business world and that he is generously expanding his greatness to the country which he has so benevolently agreed to make great again.

And our jealousy brings us to accuse him of being all about “me-me-me.” After all, his willingness to share his greatness is certainly benevolent and just the opposite of narcissistic. Unless, of course, that we should believe that his making America great again slogan is intended to make his financial well-being great again, which would be a very unkind belief when we consider the fact that he devotes a great deal of time that he could be playing golf at one of his tremendous resorts, that display his vast and envied success as a business tycoon, while willingly sharing his tremendous governmental brilliance with us just to share the wealth and success with the rest of us poor slobs.

And then we have the audacity to question his obvious billionaire status just because he refuses to let us see his tax returns and examine his records of financial well-being when that is merely a show of modesty on his part and a desire to not make every one of us feel a failure in society when compared to his tremendous, wonderful, and the best there ever was or ever will be, success in the history of mankind.

And then, to pour more fuel on the fire of disrespect, we conduct an extensive investigation of Russian meddling in his election and continue to pursue it even though we have only discovered a dozen or so of his associates who had conversations or involvement with the Russians who are alleged to have committed such fraudulent interference.

It seems high time to acknowledge his contribution to our future greatness which will certainly be attributable to his unselfish willingness to share the wealth and greatness with those of us who lack the brilliance (and, of course, the family inheritance and willingness to bilk banks and investors) as we live our lives as ungrateful losing chumps.

It must be one of those thankless jobs that we hear about!

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