Accentuate the Positive

The Fall of the American Empire

Remember Roman Empire? You may soon have to remember the American Empire.

Donald Trump did something positive today. He proved to everyone with a brain that he is not governing for “we the people,” He is governing for the Trump financial empire. It is so obvious that one would have to have their head in the sand not to see it. He almost shouts it every time he opens his mouth and he proves it with his every action.

Please tell me what actions he has taken since taking his throne that will benefit the American people who are not named Trump or who don’t belong in the same class of wealth that he portrays for us to believe that he possesses.

Everyone he has appointed has been dedicated to enacting and enforcing laws and rules that are beneficial to the rich and powerful and detrimental to the working-class of society. Every action he has proposed or taken is likewise. And he has no intention of hiding it or denying it.

Trump tells us that he is not involved with Russia – no business deals, no loans, nothing. Then both of his sons openly admit that most of their money now comes from Russia. Gee, they must be confused. I’m sure that their benevolent father wouldn’t lie or mislead anyone. Of course, there are those who have been involved in his circles for many years who tell us that he is a con man. And he has now proved to us that the thing he is the best at is being a con man. He conned Russia in to helping him get elected and now he is using his life long practice of denying everything, even if the truth is sitting there in plain sight.

He goes to meet with “Rocket Man,” not because he wants to cool things off but because he wants to clear the way for business deals for the Trump empire.

It’s the same thing with Russia. He meets with perhaps our worst enemy, a guy who when you shake hands with him you count your fingers afterward. And then he trots him out like a kid introducing his new friend to his astonished parents.

Why a closed-door meeting? Not because he thought we might hear naughty words. The reason is the same one we all have when we whisper to someone. We don’t want anyone to hear the conversation. He has loans with Russia and probably wants those loans to be forgiven since he probably can’t pay them. That would be the best deal Putin could get if he could pay those loans for him and get his cooperation while he rapes the rest of Eastern Europe.

And then he has the audacity to stand next to this murdering tyrant and tell us what a great guy he is to do business with.

And this is after he made a complete fool of himself with the NATO members and thoroughly insulted the Queen of England among several other world leaders.

The guy is out of control. He is trying to fortify his financial empire at the expense of our future generations and he has no qualms about it.

Where is Al Capone when we need him?

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