The Footprint of Humanity

The Footprint of Humanity

Ted Folkert – July 4, 2021

The revolving climate debacle seems to be a troubling cycle of a cause, solution, and effect, which creates more cause, solution, and effect,  which creates more cause, solution, and effect – what some would call a vicious circle of climate control.

As we inhabitants of Planet Earth heat the planet with our lifestyles, we tolerate the heat by cooling measures for our cars, businesses, and homes that make us more comfortable. In doing so it becomes like shooting ourselves in the foot as we add more heat to the planet by burning more fossil fuels to reduce heat that we find annoying. This requires more cooling measures, which adds more heat to the planet, which requires more cooling measures, which adds more heat to the planet – an irresolvable continuum.

Fossil fuels have enabled what we call human progress and now fossil fuels seem to be the interference of human progress. Fossil fuels have been great for improving personal lifestyles, building a vibrant economy, and expanding industrial capabilities and corporate dominance of the world. And fossil fuels will likely be the catalyst and ultimate demise of humanity unless extreme changes take place soon. Some scientists say we are approaching or have already passed the “too late” date for controlling the ultimate impact of environmental emission control.

As we pump oil and mine coal from the ground, remnants of dead plant and animal life which we call fossil fuels, we burn them to produce energy and then return the exhaust of such burning back into the atmosphere we breathe.

Of course wind energy and solar energy sources are considered much safer and less harmful to the environment. However, thus far they seem to be insufficient to fill the demand for energy which we eight billion humans demand to support our desires and requirements for food, shelter, clothing, education, entertainment, healthcare, comfort, and pleasure – not to mention the enormous demand for weapons to kill each other in our endless warfare around the planet as we explode our way to nonexistence.

All of this can be defined as our “footprint,” both individually and collectively. Our footprint may survive but humanity may not.

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