Sour Grapes for Dinner Again

Sour Grapes for Dinner Again

Ted Folkert – October 10, 2020

Our so-called “Tax Code,” a fancy word for “White-Collar Crime,” is a quagmire that creates thousands, perhaps millions, of jobs but produces nothing we can use. It produces no material thing such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, or law and order. It merely creates all these jobs to employ clever people and clever tactics to avoid paying taxes. What kind of system is this? It is quite obvious that the working-class pay a greater portion of the income they could use for family benefit to the government than any other financial class.

The tax laws and the ways to maneuver them to one’s advantage takes up many shelves in the public libraries and book stores of our world. Just writing about tax maneuvers is an industry in itself. There are colleges and special education schools which provide nothing but clever methods for avoiding paying taxes. What a waste of intelligent people. This puts food on the table for the accounting profession but does nothing for the production of anything the majority of the populace need or want for sustenance or enjoyment.

Why not eliminate all tax deductions and just tax every exchange of money, whether income or expenditure, by 1% or some other figure which will sustain the government to provide the common needs of law and order and other essential government services. If you earn $100.00, $1.00 goes to the government. If you spend $100.00, $1.00 goes to the government. This would save enough paper used in printing books about tax avoidance to print millions of books about how to enjoy life while protecting the environment we are destroying each and every day, much to the demise of future generations who will live on this planet.

The revered tax consultants of the country can demand any price for their services they choose if they have a track record of finding clever ways of avoiding taxes. What kind of society is it that rewards those who find ways of denying government the funding necessary for providing the services we all need? Well, it is a society which has been hoodwinked by the rich and powerful, those who don’t need any more money, to amass greater riches, which they will never need in their lifetimes, at the peril of those doing the work in this country of providing the products and services to assure these lavish lifestyles enjoyed by the rich at the expense of the workers.

And how can we change this system which enables the rich and powerful and huge corporations to finance political campaigns for those they choose to maintain such undemocratic principles? Well, they say we can do it at the ballot box. And just how well has the worked out thus far? This, of course, is a rhetorical question. We already know the answer. It is like asking the murderer being hanged if the noose around his neck is comfortable. And the problem with this cliché is that they don’t ask us if the noose is comfortable. The rich and powerful and gigantic corporations, many of which do not pay any income taxes, own the government lock, stock, and barrel, and guess who they have over the barrel?

Go figure!!


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