Sanctioned Criminality – America’s Demise

Sanctioned Criminality – America’s Demise
Our Empirical President!

Ted Folkert – September 1, 2020

The Trump family is accomplishing its primary goals of attaining financial stability by hijacking the American economy. Every action taken, promoted or taken by Donald Trump and family is designed to enhance the personal wealth of the Trumps. The evidence is hiding in plain sight. It is obvious in his every action.

Every event which draws attendees who need a place to sleep is steered toward a Trump hotel property. Trump thumbs his nose at the emoluments clause of the constitution which bans the president from pursuing or accepting financial gain during the term of office.

Every affiliation which Trump encourages or cherishes involves the leader of a country of which Trump believes he can gain some financial benefit through one of his properties.

He kisses up with Vladimir Putin of Russia, Kim Jon Il of North Korea, and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, all murderous dictators.

You ask “how can he get away with this.” Well, it is easy when he has the cooperation and approval of the US Senate and the Republican Party. Like he said, he could murder someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it. Does that tell us anything about his assurance of a total free ride while breaking every practice, every tradition, and every unspoken generally-accepted method of preventing him from receiving financial gain from his office?

And he has plenty of accomplices. They are all related to him, his sons and his daughter. They are the horses and he is holding the reins and the whip. Do any of them have gainful employment other than the Trump organization or through him with the federal government? A rhetorical question, of course not.

There will be no progress toward equality of opportunity under this regime. How much longer are we to wait for equality of opportunity for those who have been hampered for centuries? As much of the progress as possible that was made during the Obama presidency has been or is being reversed or stymied by this president.

Reelecting him could be disastrous. This may be the most important election of our lifetimes. His current plan is to serve 4 more years and then either attempt to remain in office or enable the election of his daughter to office for 8 years – completing a Trump dynasty and providing riches to his crumbling empire.

It is always amazing that so many people can be convinced to vote against their own best interest. Let us hope that it won’t happen this time – a critical time for the salvation of our attempt at “Democracy in the USA.”

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