Prudent Political Punditry

Prudent Political Punditry

Ted Folkert – October 31, 2020

Thanks to efforts of such true politically-inspired Americans like Jim Hightower, author of the compelling and inspirational monthly serving of “The Hightower Lowdown,” grassroots organizations are alive, well and growing.

His October offering discusses the numerous organizations that are beating the odds against success by pursuing what is right for the benefit of all the people, instead of merely enriching the rich and powerful who have dominated the airways and publication channels for decades while convincing those of us who do the work on this planet that they are our salvation.

Hightower discusses the “newcomers” on the political scene, those who are “rejecting the money-paved political path that has led so many elected officials astray.” He state that “instead of being drawn to politics by the perks and prestige of office, these newbies are driven by community needs.”

His list of newcomer organizations includes:,,,,,, and

We should all visit “” and subscribe to this compelling newsletter which focuses on the working-class instead of the rich and powerful, a meaningful step toward a more democratic society and much-needed action for saving our fruitful planet which we continue to take for granted as we unconsciously abuse with actions which will render it incapable of supporting humanity in the not too distant future.

Think about it!!

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