MLK, Jr. – Comments of Tom Steyer

This isn’t the America Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for.

For too many Americans, racial justice, economic equality, livable wages, fair working conditions, and a secure future with opportunities for growth and prosperity are still out of reach. More than 50 years after his death, we’re still fighting for these same things. They are key drivers on this campaign, guiding our policies and vision for our nation. This isn’t a fight we can just give up on.

We honor the contributions of Dr. King — a leader who forever changed our history by calling for the recognition of African-American civil rights, equality and equity — by embodying his values of service and sacrifice today, and every day. African Americans built this nation and shaped our values without receiving any gratitude or recompense. So it’s on all of us — but especially those who continue to benefit from whiteness and privilege in society — to get out and give back.

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