Making Trump great again

Making Trump great again

Ted Folkert, May 8, 2017

The news correspondents of the country are pecking away at their keyboards thanks to our dictatorial, authoritarian, egotistical, power-monger of a so-called president, our idiot-in-chief, trump-the-great. He is not only great but, as he tells us, he is doing a great job, actually, a fantastic job, of making American great again.

This guy gives the word “deception” a whole new meaning. He wallows in self-interest, self-love, self-worship, narcissism and nepotism. He slanders anyone who disagrees with him or criticizes him. He stumbles around the presidency like a lost soul navigating a labyrinth. He has no clue nor is he seeking a clue about running the country. Everything he tries to do focuses on tax deductions for the rich. He tries to camouflage his attempts with longstanding right-wing principles of smaller government, but everything centers on slashing budget items that help him lower taxes for the likes of trump-the-great and his “dear friend” Rupert Murdoch, the guy he turns to everyday to provide dialogue for his tweets. Of course, his tweets are his substitution for conversations with the people of whom he is supposedly leading. They are responses to those who criticized him the day before and have nothing to do with progressive thoughts of governance. Trump has been the brunt on more than a thousand jokes so far in his short presidency.

Trump supposedly speaks to Murdoch every day, so, apparently, we have an Aussie helping him plan his attack on the abusive taxation of the wealthy. Murdoch must be helping him plan his attack on healthcare for the people as well. Following are comments of Joseph Kennedy III, sent to Bill Lochman, about the trump proposed healthcare:

“It is among the most basic human truths: Every one of us, someday, will be brought to our knees. By a diagnosis we didn’t expect, a phone call we can’t imagine, or a loss we cannot endure.

That common humanity inspires our mercy. It fortifies our compassion. It drives us to look out for the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the most vulnerable among us.

Yesterday’s bill — yesterday’s devastating bill — does the opposite.

The bill is more than premiums and tax cuts. It is a cold and calculated world view: One that scapegoats the struggling, and sees fault in suffering. One dead set on dividing us based on who we love, where we come from, the direction of our faith and the size of our fortunes.

We see it in their tax plan, their budget cuts, their immigration policy, their civil rights assaults — and yesterday, in their cruel health care plan.

We must reject it.

We must decide, instead, to take care of each other — because, but for the grace of God, we will all one day wake up in need of a little mercy.

This nation’s character has never been defined by the power we give the already strong — but by the strength we give the weak.

This is our ultimate test. And it starts right now. Get involved in the fight today”

Bernie Sanders called the GOP-backed Obamacare repeal “one of the most disgusting pieces of legislation ever passed,” and called it a “death sentence for thousands.”

Edward D. Kleinbard, professor at USC law school, states it this way: “Congressional Republican’s plan is cruel by design, but the president’s is intellectually dishonest.” He further states: “Its principle objective was to remove Medicaid insurance protection for millions of lower-income Americans and transfer the savings to high-income taxpayers.”

Scott Mimieux, political sciences instructor at SUNY states: “Donald Trump’s promise to cover more Americans while protecting Medicaid was, evidently, a grotesque lie. Trumpcare would quite simply be a humanitarian nightmare, resulting in untold avoidable death and suffering for no good reason.”

Think about it!


One thought on “Making Trump great again”

  1. If you like your insurance, you can keep it! If you like your doctor you can keep him! The cost to a family will go down by $2500 a year! Who said that? Not Trump!
    We will read the bill AFTER we sign it! Pelosi!
    The new bill is not even close to becoming law, many more steps to go through, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good story!

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