Harvey’s lessons for Trump

Los Angeles Times Editorial: “Harvey’s lessons for Trump”

This Times editorial summed up the dilemma of the serious disaster in Houston versus the head-in-the-sand situation of our executive branch of government.

Trump’s Twitter acknowledgement: “Wow – Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood! We have an all out effort going, and going well!” Kind of like one of his usual comments like “this is the best and most wonderful job ever done by any president since the beginning of mankind”, even though he hadn’t even been to Texas yet and had no way of knowing how well anything was going.

Of course, he writes all this global warming stuff off, stating that these massive storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods are just weather, they have nothing to with global warming. Obviously, the scientific community are all mistaken. There is no need to change the way we are destroying the Earth, this stuff happens all the time according to Trump and his experts, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

These experts refute the fact that global warming is real and that it makes storms like Harvey much stronger, more unpredictable and quicker to intensify. The experts say that warmer temperatures mean more evaporation from the seas and thus more rainfall from storms.

“Rising seas threaten shipping ports, coastal areas and freshwater estuaries as saline ocean water seeps into the Everglades and threatens the water supply of millions of people in Florida.”

Trump’s appointees are proponents of increasing fossil fuel production. Their beliefs imperil the health and safety of the people they swore to protect.

As the Los Angeles Times editorial board stated in their article: “Trump has subscribed to fake science ….… this would be a far more winnable battle if the world wasn’t also forced to fight ignorance in the White House, and a president content to whistle past the flooded graveyard.”

Then he has the audacity and stupidity to broadcast the “huge” crowd he drew later instead of encouraging everyone to help in the recovery effort, to donate money, food, clothing, and shelter. He didn’t have enough sense even to mobilize the National Guard which has troops in Texas and all of the other states who are trained in recovery techniques and assisting in treating injured people.

What an idiot. What a waste. What a disgrace for our country. The guy is heartless and hopeless.

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