Climate Change Unchallenged

Climate Change Unchallenged

Ted Folkert – February 5, 2021

We know it is coming but we choose to ignore it. We leave protective measures and actions to future generations, although time is critical and future actions may be too late to save the planet for human habitation.

Such an ultimate demise for humanity has been publicly discussed for decades, at least since 1972, almost 50 years ago, with publication of a book published by MIT scientists: “Limits of Growth”. Their data was well-founded and supported by irrefutable facts about climate cycles and the impact of human exploitation.

These early warnings have been reaffirmed by scientists to the world population of we human exploiters, but with little avail. Perilous conditions continue to worsen and to prove the reality of the early warnings.

We have taken steps such as automobile emissions. Yet, we continue to leave any more meaningful resolution of the predicted demise to future generations.

This subject was addressed on January 31, 2021 by an article in the Los Angeles Times by Christopher Ketcham and Jeff Gibbs.: “The Coming Collapse.”

The subject was also recently discussed at length in a book published by me: “Aces & Eights – Gambling on Climate Change,” available form Outskirts Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. This book wrestles with the problem and the actions taken or ignored, leaving population control as a partial resolution.

This is not a refreshing topic but it is the most crucial topic for humanity. If we don’t take heed and start preserving Earth’s precious resources now we are simply leaving future generations with nowhere to turn, nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide – all as a result of our comfort and pleasure-seeking with total disregard for the dilemma we are leaving for those who follow.

Think about it!!


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