Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power

Ted Folkert

October 18, 2018

How many impeachable offenses must a president commit before our fearless leaders decide to remove him from office in favor of limiting additional damage to the country and the world?

What is an impeachable offense?

  • How about refusing to disclose his financial holdings and debts which may influence his decision-making regarding laws, rules, regulations, and disputes?
  • How about failure to perform the duties of office in an honest, fair, responsible, and professional manner?
  • How about failure to take executive actions based on the interest of the American people instead of personal interest?
  • How about innumerable violations of the emoluments clause in the constitution regarding personal gain derived from holding public office?
  • How about limiting the effectiveness of the Environmental Protection Agency by putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen house?
  • How about endangering our educational system by putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen house?
  • How about handing millionaires and billionaires a nice big tax cut and passing it off as handing a nice bonus to all the wage-earners in the country?
  • How about handing the fossil fuel industry the right to pollute waterways and exacerbate the danger of global warming?
  • How about calling global warming a hoax while ignoring the declaration of almost 100% of the world’s scientists that it will destroy the ability of the planet to support human life?
  • How about sidling up with Vladimir Putin, not in the best interest of the country but in the best interest of the president’s personal wealth, of which the Russians seem to have considerable leverage?
  • How about the obvious inclination to overlook the heinous murder of a news writer by a Saudi ruler of whom the president’s personal income and wealth may be considerably intertwined?
  • How about criticizing foreign leaders, American leaders, and many members of the news media with whom he disagrees with childish and vulgar verbal abuse?
  • How about tarnishing our image as a world leader by taking a “we are number one” stance while endangering the viability of various international organizations which rely on cooperation and the merging of common interests in maintaining a vibrant world economy and maintaining world peace?
  • How many outright irrefutable lies must a president shout to the American people before he should be removed from office?

The above are actions of a dictator, not the elected president of a democratic republic with two houses of congress to enact and oversee enforcement of laws which provide the basis for a government “of, by, and for the people.”

I rest my case!

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