Defrocking is baloney!

Defrocking is baloney!

Hand-slapping for the chosen ones!

Ted Folkert – September 4, 2021

Wouldn’t all criminals, such as rapists, thieves, murderers, and all other forms of criminal behavior like to be punished by defrocking? Of course they would.

Seeing the defrocked cardinal slumping over his walker in an effort to look feeble and harmless is like a young child telling his mother “I didn’t do it and I’m not going to do it again.”

There doesn’t seem to be an adequate punishment for a creep like this, praying on the defenseless youngsters who are taught to revere the priests and bishops and cardinals as if everything they say and do is sanctioned by God himself or herself.

As a minimal preventative measure their sexual organs should be surgically removed and displayed on the church wall for observation to others who choose to permanently damage the minds of defenseless youngsters left in their charge.

Someone please explain to us the hiring process for these so-called church leaders, The entire catholic organization should be on this case, but perhaps there are too many remaining who sympathize or consider themselves among those being publicized. Obviously, this is an internal problem which the general public cannot correct, but only publicize and criticize.

The Catholic organization owns massive real estate all over the planet. They control the religious thinking and behavioral actions of millions, perhaps billions, of followers of their gospel. They have their own school system for devout Catholics to educate their children. And they have failed miserably in protecting these young, fertile, and submissive minds from being seriously damaged at a very young and fragile age.

Where is law enforcement for these crimes? We the people should rise up in mass and demand strict law enforcement including incarceration and the banning of involvement of education of the young forever.

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